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Why Customers Prefer InfiniteR™ Phase Change Material

With its unrivaled ability to manage a building’s temperature, phase change material is the next big thing in sustainable energy, but not all phase change material is created equal. At D.I. Pathways, we only use InfiniteR™, the top-of-the-line phase change material, from Insolcorp, the global leader in thermal energy storage.

Unlike other types of phase change material, InfiniteR™ is made with natural materials that are nontoxic and fireproof. Producing InfiniteR™ material costs less than solar power, biomass, and natural gas, and it’s easy to install. Insolcorp spent years developing InfiniteR™, and after more than eight years of real-world testing, the phase change material has never wavered in its performance.

InfiniteR™ performs higher than competitors in phase change material reviews. But, don’t just take our word for it. Here are some phase change material reviews from real Insolcorp customers:

SAU#17 Newton Middle School, Newton, NH

Using InfiniteR™ can make a huge difference in buildings with poor insulation. In 2015, Insolcorp installed 11,000 square-feet of InfiniteR™ over the ceiling tiles of one wing of the middle school. Once InfiniteR™ was installed, the school was able to maintain its temperatures overnight without using any heat in the winter. Oftentimes, the school was able to leave its heat off for an entire weekend.


  • 20%-30% total energy savings
  • 56% reduction in fan use in summer
  • 29% reduction in propane use in the winter in modular/outdoor classrooms

The University of Washington, Seattle, WA

While any type of phase change material can improve energy efficiency, InfiniteR™ is part of a new generation of material that outperforms the old stuff. In 2014, the University of Washington installed phase change material in the first phase of construction for their Molecular Engineering and Sciences building. When it came time for phase 2 in 2016, the building architects decided to switch their phase change material to InfiniteR™. The new results were remarkably better than the first phase of the project.


  • Decreased the max summer temperature in classrooms by 5 degrees
  • No need for AC at peak times

Franklin Towers, Tarrytown, NY

Not only can InfiniteR™ be used in walls and ceilings, but the material can also be used as an important component of a new project. In 2016, the Tarrytown Public Housing Authority was dealing with problems with a roof on one of their buildings. Instead of replacing the whole roof, the Housing Authority called Insolcorp to install a Wind Vent/InfiniteR™ system on the building. The system was cheaper than a conventional roof replacement, while also providing energy savings.


  • 35 percent savings over a new roof
  • $4,000 to $6,000 energy savings per year

To learn more about InfiniteR™ and D.I. Pathways’ unique monthly utilization model, contact us today.

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