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Vacant Buildings: An Opportunity for Innovation and Savings

Over the past few months, many companies have shifted their workforce from open floor plans and corner offices to kitchen counters, couches, and home offices. A pandemic has become the primary reason for vacant offices and reduced occupancy in buildings previously crowded five days a week nationwide. As empty cubicles and corner offices continue to see varying degrees of occupancy this summer, now may be the time for building owners to explore cutting edge cost saving measures.

With a vacant or nearly vacant building, a building owner can begin to monitor energy use with a smart meter in order to gather information about the building’s baseline energy use and investigate likely inefficiencies. Although projections for many businesses’ revenue or occupancy may remain uncertain for some time, there is an opportunity to learn about the overhead costs of a building’s operation and create certainty and potentially certain savings during an otherwise uncertain time.

At DI Pathways, we offer smart metering up front at no cost to our customers so we can create solutions that work for your business. We use meters at the detail we need to create custom solutions for our clients. Now may be an excellent time to install a smart meter and learn from the baseline of your building operating with no occupancy or reduced occupancy.

There may be reasons why this summer may feel like a wasted season or you may want to cancel 2020, but there are many more reasons to find opportunities to better your business during this season. There are many opportunities businesses can find to take advantage of an empty building or a slow season to innovate. Let us help you take advantage of this season.

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