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Thermatile: A Revolutionary Phase Change Material Design

Phase change material is unparalleled in its ability to manage building temperature, and now it can be used in even more situations with the easily installable Thermatile by Insolcorp

What Is Phase Change Material?

Phase change material (PCM) helps regulate temperature in a building by absorbing heat when it gets too hot and releasing it once the building cools down. Think of PCM as a giant ice pack that freezes and thaws at room temperature. When it gets hot in a building, the material absorbs heat and melts. As it cools down in the building, the material turns into a solid, releasing that heat back into the surrounding area. 

PCMs give building managers a number of options to save money on electricity and natural gas. The material prevents buildings from getting too hot or too cold, eliminating costly temperature spikes. It can also enable load shifting. An example of load shifting is when a building owner runs an HVAC system at night when energy prices are low, allowing the PCM to store heat. During the day, when electricity is more expensive, they can turn the HVAC system down and rely on the heat released by the phase change material.

What Is Thermatile?

Thermatile is a revolutionary rigid panel for ceiling tiles that’s injected with the highest capacity  phase change material in the world. Like other Insolcorp PCM, Thermatile is filled with an all-natural phase changing formula that’s fireproof and non-toxic. Insolcorp is the global leader in phase change materials, producing the most advanced PCM on the market. 

More Efficiency In a Sleek Package

Thermatile holds more phase change material than the traditional rolls of material that go into roofs and walls. This means that each tile provides more energy savings than traditional PCM, while still maintaining a simple look that’s worthy of showing off in any room. 

Easy Install

While traditional PCM has to be incorporated into new roof construction or rolled out above ceiling tiles, Thermatile can easily replace traditional ceiling tiles or be installed above them. Installing Thermatile is as easy as switching out a lightbulb. In a drop ceiling, installation just requires popping out the original ceiling tiles and putting the Thermatile in their place. A whole room can be equipped with Thermatile units within a few hours.

Because Thermatile is so easy to install, they’re ideal for office buildings or other commercial buildings that are usually occupied. Installing Thermatile also requires very little disruption from a building’s day-to-day tasks. 

Removing Thermatile is just as easy as installing it, making this material a perfect match for D.I. Pathways’ monthly utilization model. If, for any reason, your monthly energy savings aren’t what they should be, our product insurance steps in to cover the difference, so you’re never left paying more than you planned.

To learn more about Thermatile and how it can help save on energy costs, contact D.I. Pathways today.

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