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The No-Risk Way to Achieve Commercial Energy Savings

For large commercial buildings, using energy efficiency improvements almost always leads to savings. To achieve commercial energy savings, most building owners turn to Energy Savings Corporations, or ESCOs, to design a new system. But, while using an ESCO might knock costs off an electricity bill, a giant energy overhaul comes with other risks and costs.

Risks with a Traditional ESCO

Energy efficiency experts at an ESCO design big systems intended to reduce electricity use as much as possible. They then charge customers monthly for a portion of those energy savings to pay for the upgrades.

Because ESCOs make more money through the energy their upgrades are supposed to save, they use many experimental technologies. The ESCO then projects the energy savings based on case studies where the technology was effective. Those projected savings are then rolled into a long-term contract that lays out the fee they will collect from the building owner.

With an ESCO, you get a big system to manage and maintain and a long-term contract that can last decades, but there is no guarantee that the new improvements will deliver the promised savings. Even if the savings are less than expected, building owners may still be responsible for the full amount in their contract with the ESCO.

A No-Risk Path to Energy Savings

At D.I. Pathways, we have something better than case studies—a third-party guarantee. An ESCO locks its customers into a long-term contract and puts them on the hook for payments,  even if their upgrades don’t perform. If D.I. Pathways’ efficiency improvements don’t deliver the expected energy savings, an insurance policy will cover the difference.

Here are just some of the ways D.I. Pathways eliminates the risk for companies to achieve commercial energy savings.

  • Insurance—If a heat wave, equipment malfunction, or anything else decreases a building’s energy savings, our insurance will cover the difference. With insurance, our customers never have to pay more than they planned.
  • Monthly Utilization Agreement—While ESCOs require that their customers sign long-term contracts, D.I. Pathways uses a renewable monthly utilization agreement for all their upgrades. If a customer is unhappy with the improvements, they can cancel at any time without penalty.
  • Off-Balance Sheet Upgrades—ESCOs rope customers into purchasing efficiency upgrades above and beyond what they may need. Once installed, customers own these upgrades, whether they like them or not. With D.I. Pathways’ monthly utilization program, customers don’t own their upgrades and aren’t stuck with them if they don’t perform as planned.
  • No Installation, Maintenance, or Responsibility—Because D.I. Pathways owns its upgrades, it assumes all the risk and responsibility with its systems. D.I. Pathways installs all efficiency improvements and maintains and modifies them as needed. There’s no need to train a team to manage the improvements, allowing customers to get commercial energy savings with almost no effort.

To learn more about how D.I. Pathways can help you see commercial energy savings with no risk, contact us today.

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