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The Next Big Thing in Sustainable Energy

Did you know? According to Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC), lighting, heating, and cooling represent almost 70% of total energy use in a typical commercial building. Focusing on your energy efficiency is an easy way to create sustainable commercial buildings, while cutting costs and adding to your net profit.

So, what is the next big thing in sustainable energy? We’ll explain.

The Latest in Energy Efficiency: Phase Change Material

Phase change material is the most advanced energy efficiency product on the market. Designed to stabilize your building’s temperature, phase change material can reduce your business’ energy expenses by as much as half.

Take summer, for example. In the summer, there are dramatic differences between afternoon and nighttime temperatures. These fluctuations cause your building’s heating and cooling systems to constantly adjust. While those systems are fighting to keep the temperature steady, they are also driving up your energy costs. Phase change material slows the temperature change, leaving your energy systems with fewer adjustments to make.

Not only can phase change material reduce fluctuations, but it can also reduce peak temperatures. For industrial buildings, the peak temperature of a summer day can make your building uncomfortable for employees or cause you to lose product. Phase change material can lower the peak temperature by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

This material can be installed in a building’s roof, attic, ceiling, or walls. D.I. Pathways can install phase change material in any size building to immediately increase energy efficiency and lower expenses.

How Phase Change Material Works

The phase change material acts like an ice pack for your building, stabilizing the temperature as it melts and freezes. As your building’s temperature rises, the material will slowly melt, absorbing the heat. As the temperature falls again, the material will refreeze, releasing that heat.

The absorption and release of heat keeps the temperature in your building steady, reducing energy costs and creating a more sustainable commercial building. We provide your business with this low-cost, high-yield product that gives you immediate savings.

D.I. Pathways’ Unique Approach

D.I. Pathways is changing the way businesses benefit from energy upgrades. We anticipate roadblocks and find simple solutions, giving you all the savings and none of the stress. While other companies require a long-term contract for energy upgrades, D.I. Pathways offers a monthly utilization agreement.

The monthly utilization agreement gives your business:

  • An off-book, month-to-month payment system
  • An insurance-backed product guarantee
  • A way to increase your net operating income with no risk

D.I. Pathways is here to help your business create and maintain sustainable commercial buildings without the risk of a long-term contract.

See the Results

Phase change building material gives your business easy-to-see results. With D.I. Pathways’ smart meter, you can measure and control your business’ energy consumption on a month-to-month basis. The smart meter gives you control over your energy usage like you’ve never had before.

Energy expenses may seem like just another cost of doing business, but we help you save without worry. Set up a consultation to learn more about phase change material and how it can save your business up to half on its energy expenses.

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