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Making Intelligent Decisions for Your Business Right Now

Everyone copes with quarantine a little bit differently, there is so much free access to different data at our fingertips right now it is hard to choose what to take advantage of (a great problem to have!). After watching seemingly every business webinar put on by various different marketing, sales, and consulting agencies over the past 7 months there has been one main consensus. That consensus is that life as we know it has changed and you, as an individual or a business, need to offer compassion and tactful advice without sending the obvious, “I hope you and your family are doing well during these trying times.” Improvements and energy upgrades to commercial real estate have slowed down during the pandemic because of how uncertain the future is. The nature of DI Pathways business model and monthly utilization program has made making intelligent decisions for business and building owners possible because the program provides savings at absolutely no risk to the customer. In this blog, we’ll tell you about why the idea came about, how the program was born, what phase change material is and how it works, what we have noticed from testing the program, and how we have completely removed the risk.


DI Pathways has been laser-focused for the last 18 months testing new energy efficiency materials, to see what is available to most businesses and landlords that they did not know about. There are a plethora of large energy companies offering relatively similar options that are not always the most beneficial for the customer. This has been a constant in the energy industry for a long time. From a complete lack of transparency from utility companies and large ESCO’s (energy service companies) to balance sheet backed insurance guarantees, the complete scope of these traditional energy business practices did not promote the outlook and results that we at DI Pathways are passionate about creating.


We started this search, based on the intuition and experience of our CEO Tillman Holloway. Tillman spent years helping businesses optimize their processes, fixtures, and energy management systems to achieve ultimate efficiency. With a passion to help businesses leverage technology and industry knowledge, effective and predictable products were always at the forefront of Tillman’s mind. Specifically, products that did not depend on human involvement to gain maximum return on investment, and maximum total return to the business. This search led to the relationship between DI Pathways and Insolcorp.


Insolcorp manufactures and creates modern and innovative energy-efficient materials that are not found in the warehouses of big energy companies. One of their flagship products is Thermatile. Thermatile is a ceiling tile that is injected with phase change material (PCM), which intelligently absorbs and releases heat at the right times. While absorbing heat the PCM changes phase into a gel-like substance, and when it releases the heat it changes phase back into a solid substance. Anytime this process happens, the material is stabilizing the indoor temperature without the use of the HVAC equipment. PCM reduces the need for as much heating and cooling, which directly results in energy savings. Heating and cooling normally make up 60% or more of the total energy bill for a facility. PCM statistically saves between 20-40% on that cost without any human touch or need for attention. That concept was the reason for synergy between Insolcorp and DI Pathways and why the relationship was born just over two years ago.


DI Pathways has wrapped PCM into a monthly subscription energy program that has never been seen before. With full transparency, and riding in the risk boat with our customers 100% of the time DI Pathways aims to offer an energy program that not only provides consistent, predictable savings but provides an easy way for businesses and landlords to reduce operating costs and reinvest that savings back into their business. We’ve had customers give employees bonuses, buy renewable energy, and make needed building improvements for their tenants. Our program is 100% cash flow positive, with no upfront cash requirement, and is backed by a 3rd party insurance guarantee that is required to have cash on hand to compensate our customers (very different from a more widely used balance sheet backed guarantee used prevalently by most large energy companies). This is what we mean when we say ride in the risk boat with our customers. We are making an investment in our customer’s building that needs to make sense for all parties, which promotes proper due diligence and ongoing customer success.


With that being said, the pandemic has created a really challenging environment for everyone involved in commercial real estate. We have experienced an unprecedented amount of uncertainty in building owners and investors making decisions on office buildings right now. This is warranted because of the mass exit out of all office buildings right now, but as positive cases spike and fall we have learned so many things. Most importantly keeping everyone safe by exercising proper COVID-19 protocols individually and as a nation.


Equally important is preparing facilities for the return to work. To successfully prepare facilities DI Pathways has flexed the monthly utilization program to include needlepoint bi-polar ionization if the customer requests it. Needlepoint bipolar ionization thermally targets COVID particles in the air and suppresses them by forcing them to the floor. This is especially important in Office buildings, schools, restaurants, and bars. Therefore, we have added this as an option in our offering because you can receive the benefits of the cash flow positive energy program to pay for the needlepoint bi-polar ionization system. With those two things, an owner or an organization can confidently say they are providing a safe environment for their customers and employees to work in.


That brings us to our main point, DI Pathways has removed the risk in making a decision on our program so that owners can make these improvements to all facilities. With the uncertainty still facing us head-on, DI Pathways has provided this program as a vehicle to take advantage of COVID-19 precautionary products and technologies to make the environments we love so much more accessible. With safety being the most important factor right now, DI Pathways has removed the uncertainty from decision making with our monthly utilization program by providing the material at no cost and giving customers a chance to see the savings generated before being bound to a contract. DI Pathways pays for all of the material, as well as the installation of the material and smart meter. So, in short, DI Pathways delivers the program in chewable, bite size monthly payments and the first bill to the customer does not come until the material is fully installed. Going all the way back to when our CEO was trying to find opportunities to give customers access to the newest, greatest, and most dependable energy efficiency products – we have come full circle and aim to deliver on that in the form of our monthly utilization program.


The last 18 months have been very successful in testing our monthly utilization program in many different environments. The material has reacted very well in Nashville, Las Vegas, and California just to name a few. It has delivered on its savings projections and continues to benefit our customers throughout the country. This “technology” is in the very beginning of its life in terms of actual use case, specifically in the United States, and it has the potential to have the same effect on the commercial real estate sector as LED’s have had for the past decade. The exciting part about that is the opportunity to be an early adapter and benefit from the product but also the known fact that as it gets more and more awareness it will continue to become more and more affordable for all different types of applications (if you’re not already taking advantage of DI Pathways monthly utilization program of course).

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