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Low Carbon Future—Initial Steps for Nashville

Cities all over the world are releasing new goals to reduce their carbon footprint to combat climate change. Nashville joined this trend in 2017 with an ambitious plan to become the “greenest city in the Southeast.” To achieve this, Nashville will need to reduce the energy use in all of its buildings.

Why did Nashville make this commitment?

Reducing energy use in buildings is not just a matter of “being green;” it is crucial to Nashville’s sustainability plan.

The city of Nashville has committed to reducing the metro area’s greenhouse gas emissions to 80 percent by 2050. To help achieve this, the city has set the goal of reducing the energy consumption of commercial buildings by 60 percent within the same time frame.

Buildings are a major source of greenhouse gasses in Nashville. In 2014, commercial and residential building energy use were responsible for the release of more than 6,500,000 tons of greenhouse gasses, more than any other single source of emissions in Nashville.

Nashville’s goals represent a global trend of local governments pushing companies and private citizens to improve their energy efficiency to meet new goals. Many cities, including Nashville, offer incentives for certain buildings that reduce their energy use, while others have begun to make energy improvements a requirement.

While reducing energy use of a commercial building now is not only responsible and ethically conscious, your building will need to do so to meet future city regulations.

How will Nashville meet these goals?

Improving energy efficiency in a commercial building is both responsible and, because it saves money in electricity, a good business decision. But, funding a major retrofit of a commercial building isn’t something every company can easily do.

Most businesses must maintain cash flow and can’t tie up their assets in solar panels or other costly energy initiatives. Fortunately, in Nashville, there is another option. Rather than building a massive energy efficiency system, Nashville businesses can save 30-40 percent on their electricity bills by subscribing to phase change material with D.I. Pathways. 

Phase change material is a specially-formulated material that stores and releases heat, mitigating temperature swings in a building. It can be installed easily, with little to no disruption of a business’s regular activities, and businesses can get it through a monthly subscription instead of buying it outright.

With D.I. Pathways’ monthly subscription program, businesses pay one flat rate for phase change material. The material is guaranteed to lower electricity use or customers get their money back. Business owners benefit from energy savings, all while maintaining their company’s cash flow.

To learn how you can start saving on electricity with phase change material, contact D.I. Pathways today.

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