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Is Phase Change Material Worth the Investment?

Every commercial building owner wants energy efficiency, but structural changes to a building or installing solar panels can be expensive and the investment may not always pay off.

Unlike large efficiency overhauls, phase change material can bring energy savings into existing buildings with little or no changes to the structure. Phase change material’s cost is also much less than other energy-saving strategies. Buying phase change material is almost always worth the investment, and at D.I. Pathways, we guarantee energy savings beyond the cost of our program.

What Is Phase Change Material?

Phase change material is specially formulated to absorb heat from hot interiors and release heat when a building cools down. Made with all-natural components like clay and sand, phase change material is lightweight and fits into ceilings, walls, and attics—just like traditional insulation. Phase change material works to lessen a building’s natural temperature swings, reducing the need for heat and air-conditioning.

What Is the Cost of Phase Change Material?

By delivering facility managers a 40 to 80 percent savings on their electricity bills, phase change material costs less than nothing when budgeted out over a building’s lifetime. In terms of up-front cost, the material is also significantly less than other types of building retrofits or thermal mass in new buildings.

Still, phase change material costs five to ten times that of traditional insulation. Though the initial investment cost might appear daunting for many businesses, D.I. Pathways offers a phase change material monthly subscription, allowing your company to install phase change material, risk-free, for a simple monthly utilization fee.

Advantages of a Monthly Utilization Agreement

Instead of just taking the phase change material manufacturers at their word, facility managers who subscribe to phase change material get to see the product’s energy savings first-hand without making a large investment. With the monthly utilization agreement, D.I. Pathways still owns the phase material in your building, and they take on all the costs associated with maintaining and updating it.

With D.I. Pathways, the cost for using phase change material is always less than the energy savings it delivers. Even in the rare event the phase change material does not deliver the expected energy savings, our insurance will pick up the difference, meaning that no matter what, you always save money through our program.

To learn more about how to save on the cost of phase change material, contact us today.

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