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Insolcorp: The Global Leader in Thermal Energy Storage

Insolcorp is the global leader in thermal energy storage. Its product, InfiniteRTM, is the most advanced phase change material on the market. That’s why D.I. Pathways provides its customers with Insolcorp’s product: because we know it works, and we’re proud to offer our customers this innovative solution.

D.I. Pathways offers InfiniteRTM at no risk to your business. You reap the energy savings, we take care of the rest. As always, we’re here to answer your questions.

First, what is InfiniteRTM?

InfiniteRTM is a phase change building material made of naturally-occurring resources, such as salt, clay, and water. The material stores and releases heat as needed. It goes inside your building’s structure, acting as an ice pack to slow the progression of temperature change. Without severe increases and decreases in temperature, your heating and cooling system doesn’t work as hard, cutting your energy expense by as much as half. You can read more about InfiniteRTM in a product spotlight here.

How do we know Insolcorp’s phase change material works?

InfiniteRTM is backed by over eight years of real-world testing without a decrease in performance. That is just one of the many reasons we love InfiniteRTM, and we’re confident you’ll love it, too. InfiniteRTM is natural, nontoxic, and fireproof. Its development costs are 150 times less than solar power, 125 times less than biomass, and 75 times less than natural gas. It’s as powerful as 100 BTUs of energy and 18 inches of concrete mass per square foot—all in one small, space-saving package. Simply put, Insolcorp’s InfiniteRTM is the best phase change material available.

Does Insolcorp have proven results?

Insolcorp customers are not only saving on their energy expenses but reducing their peak temperatures. Here are two examples:

  • Insolcorp helps a California financial institution with 12 locations save 25% in HVAC costs, 18% on cooling costs, and 29% in heat costs.
  • Insolcorp helps a Missouri manufacturing facility with 221,000 square feet reduce its peak temperature by more than 20 degrees Fahrenheit with no increase in operating expenses.

Is the installation difficult?

D.I. Pathways can install InfiniteRTM in any home, office, commercial building, or industrial building. InfiniteRTM can be installed quickly and easily in any building, no matter the size. You can see some of Insolcorp’s past projects here.

How does D.I. Pathways provide InfiniteRTM “risk free”?

Our monthly utilization agreement makes InfiniteRTM an off-book, month-to-month, insurance-backed way to increase your net operating income. Most companies require a long-term contract. D.I. Pathways created the monthly utilization agreement to allow you to use InfiniteRTM without owning it. If it doesn’t deliver on our promises, we’ll remove it at no cost to you. This energy upgrade is covered by product guarantee insurance and monthly energy efficiencies to cover the cost of the system.

No risk. High reward.

Set up a consultation with D.I. Pathways to learn more about how the Insolcorp product, InfiniteRTM, can help your business save on energy costs. We’re happy to answer all your questions, so contact us today to learn more.

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