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Infinite R: Your No-Risk, High-Reward Energy Solution

At D.I. Pathways, we know that money saved goes directly to your bottom line. We help you save on the one expense all your spaces have in common: energy costs. What if we could offer you a no-risk, high-reward way to cut your energy expenses by as much as half? Insolcorp’s innovative energy solution, InfiniteRTM, makes that possible.

InfiniteRTM is a phase change building material that stores energy when you don’t need it and releases energy when you do. This easily-installed material regulates the temperature of your building, reducing fluctuation and dramatically cutting your energy expense. D.I. Pathways is here to guide you through the basics of InfiniteRTM and what it can do for you.

We’ve anticipated a few of the big questions you might have when considering whether InfiniteRTM is right for you.

What exactly is InfiniteRTM, and how does it regulate my building’s temperature?

InfiniteRTM is a phase change material (PCM) designed to absorb and release heat, as it melts and freezes, to slow temperature change. This means that, as your building heats up, InfiniteRTM melts to absorb that heat, slowing the rate at which the temperature rises. When the building starts to cool down again, InfiniteRTM refreezes and releases heat to, again, slow the temperature change. InfiniteRTM  has been through eight years of real-world testing without decreased performance. Large temperature fluctuations between morning and afternoon drive up energy costs quickly. InfiniteRTM acts like an ice pack in a cooler, keeping the temperature steady and saving you money.

What is InfiniteRTM made of? Is it safe?

Made in the United States, InfiniteRTM is one hundred percent natural, nontoxic, and fireproof. This long-life salt hydrate PCM is made of naturally occurring materials such as salt, clay, and water. InfiniteRTM has a Class A fire rating with no need for flame retardants.

Where can InfiniteRTM be installed?

InfiniteRTM can be installed in any home, office, commercial building, or industrial building. In short, InfiniteRTM can be installed quickly and easily in any building—no matter the size. Sheets of InfiniteRTM can be cut to custom lengths, fitting any space.

Here are a few examples of where InfiniteRTM can be used:

  • Over ceiling tiles in commercial buildings—stabilizing temperature swings
  • Under a roof deck in an industrial building—keeping employees cool with reduced storage loss
  • In wind-ventilated roofing—preserving capital and reducing the cost of roof replacements
  • Within walls—absorbing free heat in winter and limiting the impact of heat buildup in summer
  • Under attic insulation—maintaining temperatures year-round

Does InfiniteRTM require a contract?

One of the best parts about investing in InfiniteRTM through D.I. Pathways is that it does not require a long-term contract. The monthly utilization agreement, our technology subscription model, allows you to use InfiniteRTM without owning it. If the product doesn’t deliver on our promises, we’ll remove it at no cost to you. This energy upgrade is covered by product guarantee insurance and monthly energy efficiencies to cover the cost of the system.

Ready to discover energy savings with no risk? Set up a consultation with D.I. Pathways today to learn more about how InfiniteRTM can help your business save.

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