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How to Stay Ahead of Environmental Initiatives in Nashville

Nashville’s rapid growth has made it a hub for innovation and forward-thinking practices. And as such, developers are paying close attention to Nashville’s progressive approach to city planning, especially as it relates to environmentalism. Both the local government and its residents are focused on moving toward a greener way of life—and developers are seizing this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

Nashville’s Commitment to Sustainability

As we work toward a healthier environment, the city of Nashville continues to strengthen its commitment to sustainable practices. Residents have come together to support city-wide initiatives, such as the NashvilleNext plan. The NextNashville plan promotes city development that supports the health and well-being of its residents. One element of the plan is for the city to be a champion of the environment, specifically citing the need for “thoughtful design of sustainable buildings and infrastructure.” 

The city government has also created a vision for a smarter city. Connected Nashville is a six-dimensional plan that focuses on making Nashville an even better place to live. One of the dimensions of the Connected Nashville plan is environment, to promote the protection of the city’s resources. By encouraging initiatives such as “maximizing the efficiency of our energy use,” the plan sets out to improve air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and water cleanliness.  

Aligning with Nashville’s Environmental Values

To remain competitive, developers are doing their best to align their values with that of the city’s government and residents. City environmental initiatives will continue to push for a greener Nashville, and its energy consumption is a crucial element of that push. In addition to the government, socially-conscious citizens will put more trust in businesses that make efforts to improve their city’s environment. In fact, according to a 2017 study, “92% of customers are more likely to trust a company that supports environmental issues.” 

Using Energy Efficiency Upgrades to Stay Ahead

One major tool that builders can use to stay ahead of environmental initiatives, as well as competitors, is energy efficiency upgrades. By investing in building materials that keep energy low, developers can show their commitment to aligning with Nashville’s progressive business landscape. Thankfully, upgrades that lower energy consumption are not as difficult to procure and install as they once were. Innovative products, such as phase change material, allow builders to upgrade their current projects or even to retrofit their existing buildings. 

Phase change material (PCM) is an upgrade that can be installed quickly and fits any building type, allowing developers to reduce energy use without a burdensome process. Not only does PCM reduce energy consumption, but it also lowers energy costs throughout the year and improves the building’s internal temperature. Visit our resources page to learn more about what PCM is, how it works, and how D.I. Pathways streamlines the process. 

D.I. Pathways uses a subscription model that makes PCM an affordable, risk-free upgrade without a long-term contract. With products like Thermatile and InfiniteR™, companies can experience monthly energy savings. To learn more about how you can use phase change material to stay ahead of the curve in Nashville, contact D.I. Pathways today.

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