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How to Keep Charter Schools Cool with Phase Change Material

When people think of school budgets, their minds usually jump to teacher salaries, computer equipment, or learning materials. But, anyone who runs a school knows that energy costs are also a significant portion of its operating budget. Cutting energy costs is a great way for charter schools to slim down their budgets without cutting the important things students and teachers need.

For charter schools, phase change material is one of the best ways to cut electricity costs.

What Is Phase Change Material?

Phase change material is cutting-edge technology that works to mitigate temperature change in a building. The material looks similar to insulation and is installed in walls or ceilings that are susceptible to temperature changes. Made from natural materials like sand and clay, phase change material is designed to absorb heat and release it once its surrounding temperatures drop.

Phase change material helps reduce extreme temperatures in buildings and lessens the need for expensive HVAC equipment.

Why Phase Change Material Is Great for Charter Schools

Phase change material is good for any building that requires heating or cooling. By preventing temperature swings, phase change material keeps rooms at a pleasant temperature, helping students and teachers remain comfortable. 

Phase change material is also useful in computer labs and rooms with other heat-generating equipment. The phase change material absorbs heat from computers and keeps the room cool. By cooling computer labs with phase change material, schools can make these rooms more comfortable for students and protect their computer equipment without costly fans and HVAC systems.

Another way charter schools can utilize phase change material is for load-shifting. School’s aren’t occupied at night when electricity is cheaper. To take advantage of these low electricity rates, a school can run its HVAC system at night and store that energy in the phase change material. In the morning, when students arrive, the phase change material will work to regulate the building’s temperature without using electricity.

The Risk-Free Way to Get Phase Change Material for Your Charter School

Unlike other energy efficiency equipment, phase change material can be installed in schools without hefty upfront costs or a long-term contract. With D.I. Pathways’ monthly utilization model, schools can get phase change material for one low monthly fee. Insurance is included in this fee, so if your school doesn’t experience the electricity cost-savings expected, D.I. Pathways will cover the difference. If at any point, the school doesn’t want the phase change material anymore, D.I. Pathways will remove it free of charge.To learn more about how to save money with phase change material in your charter school, contact D.I. Pathways today.

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