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How to Choose a Phase Change Material Provider

Phase change material is one of the simplest ways to get energy efficiency improvements in office buildings. Making the choice to get phase change material is easy, but figuring out how to actually purchase and install it can be a challenge. 

Here are a few considerations when choosing a phase change material provider:

Manufacturer vs. Energy Service Provider

In some cases, you can buy phase change material directly from the manufacturer and have it installed. You may get a small break in price doing this, but you will have to buy the material outright, which can be expensive. You also lose out on the service that comes with choosing a third-party phase change material provider.

Customer Service

When it comes to energy efficiency upgrades, customer service matters. Phase change material providers that work with their customers help ensure that the project is a success. The best providers work with building owners to determine the best place to install phase change material and how much material to use. A good provider will also provide measurement and verification to validate projected savings.

Variety of Materials

Phase change material isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Different buildings have different needs, and a good phase change material provider will have options for every type of situation.


There are plenty of energy efficiency firms out there that generalize. These firms make money by selling you the largest energy efficiency project they can, and so they may try to steer you away from simply buying phase change material. If phase change material is what you want, then find a provider that specializes in it and wants to make that material work for your building.

Payment Models

Phase change material can be obtained through the manufacturer or through an Energy Service Company (ESCO), but both of those payment models carry risk. The best low-risk way to get phase change material is to find a provider that has a monthly utilization model. With this payment model, the building owner pays one low monthly fee to have phase change material installed and used in their building. The building owner does not own the material and is not responsible for its upkeep or replacement. They simply enjoy the benefits of a lower electricity bill with no risk.

Performance Guarantee

Not every phase change material provider guarantees their product, but the best do. Look for a provider that guarantees their phase change material will deliver the expected efficiency gains. These providers are invested in making sure that the phase change material works as well as possible so you save money.

At D.I. Pathways, we have crafted what we believe is the best program for providing phase change material. To learn more, contact us today.

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