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How Phase Change Materials Benefit Building Owners and Tenants

Improving energy efficiency in commercial buildings may seem like something that only building owners care about, but efficiency carries benefits for anyone who regularly uses a building. Efficiency improvements, like phase change material, can make a huge difference in a building’s function—improving a tenant’s experience in a building.

Here are just a few of the benefits that phase change material brings to both building owners and tenants.

Enhances Environmental Benefits

Many companies and renters today care about helping the environment. Phase change material is used for improving energy efficiency in commercial buildings, thereby creating benefits for the environment. By absorbing heat and releasing it as a building cools down, phase change material reduces the amount of electricity needed to regulate a building’s temperature. By lessening their electricity usage, buildings with phase change material help decrease the amount of fossil fuels burned. Phase change material’s environmental benefits will appease both building owners and tenants who are concerned about the climate.

Improves Cost-Savings 

Buildings with phase change material rely less on the use of an HVAC system for heating and cooling. For tenants, phase change material can make a meaningful reduction in their electricity bills. Building owners can use this cost-saving potential to attract new tenants and retain old ones. Building owners can also save on HVAC maintenance and replacement costs because their units will be working less to produce the same results.

Creates Low Maintenance 

Many green technologies require continued monitoring and maintenance, but with phase change material, you can simply install it and forget it. With phase change material, tenants won’t have to worry about calling in their landlord if the technology malfunctions, and the landlord won’t have to worry about managing it. Phase change material just goes in the wall or ceiling and works, period.

Regulates a Building’s Interior Temperature

Old, drafty buildings can put tenants in a tough position, forcing them to either pony up for high electricity bills or weather unbearable cold and heat. Installing phase change material eliminates this tough choice by keeping a building within a comfortable temperature range with little to no intervention. Even in well-insulated buildings, phase change material creates a more comfortable environment by cutting down on the use of irritating air conditioning fans and skin-drying heating units. 

To learn more about how a subscription to phase change material can help your building and tenants, contact D.I. Pathways today.

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