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Don’t Buy Phase Change Material, Subscribe to It.

Installing phase change material can make a huge difference in a commercial building’s energy consumption. Designed to stabilize temperature, phase change material slows a building’s temperature changes and can cut electricity costs by as much as half. But, while this new technology can lead to big savings on the electricity bill, the purchase and installation of it still ends up on your company’s balance sheet. That’s why—when planning to buy phase change material—it’s good to consider the subscription options available to help you save costs and avoid risks.

Risks of Using a Traditional ESCO

ESCOs specialize in energy efficiency, employing experts that can identify opportunities for energy savings and design a more efficient system. But, rather than slapping their customers with a huge bill for the upgrade, ESCOs charge customers a portion of their estimated energy savings each month. This model lets customers benefit from energy savings without a big upfront cost, but it does come with some risks.

 While using an ESCO to buy phase change material is more cost effective than buying it outright, it can also lead to some unexpected costs. To maximize profits, ESCOs want to build out each project as much as possible, saddling customers with a complicated system that they must maintain and manage themselves. Traditional ESCO customers must take on long-term contracts with no guarantee that they’ll actually see the energy savings they were promised. With this traditional model, you’ll still be on the hook to pay the full estimated savings, even if the new upgrades fail to provide the energy efficiency you hoped for.

D.I. Pathways’ Pioneering Monthly Utilization Model

By using D.I. Pathways’ monthly utilization agreement model, you can avoid all the risks with buying phase change material. Instead of a costly buy-to-own agreement, D.I. Pathways provides its customers with the latest technology through a monthly subscription. At a fixed monthly rate, D.I. Pathways will install your facility’s upgrades and then manage and maintain them for as long as you choose to keep them.

This groundbreaking new model provides customers with no-risk upgrades and includes:

  • Insurance—Every D.I. Pathways upgrade is covered with customized product guarantee insurance. If your facility doesn’t see the energy savings you expected, you won’t be liable for the additional costs. With the insurance, you never pay more than you planned, just a fixed monthly fee.
  • Short-term contracts—With a traditional ESCO, you can get locked into a contract for years with no way out. But, with D.I. Pathways’ monthly utilization agreement model, you renew your subscription every 30 days. If you decide that the upgrades aren’t doing what you hoped, you can cancel without any penalties.
  • Fixed monthly rate—When you own your upgrades, you risk taking on unexpected costs if something goes wrong. With D.I. Pathways’ monthly utilization agreement model, your upgrades are our responsibility. You pay the same fixed-fee every month, no surprises.

Get Results, Risk-Free

D.I. Pathways monthly utilization agreement is the most-effective, no-risk solution to improve your facility’s energy efficiency. Contact us today for a consultation.

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