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5 Ways to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly in 2020

From overusing paper to cranking up the air conditioning, office workers and managers are often unaware of the impact their actions can have on the environment. Overcoming all the little things that make an office unfriendly for the environment may seem insurmountable, but with the number of green innovations out there, it’s more in reach than you might think.

Make 2020 the year your business starts caring for the environment with these green tips for the office: 

  1. Practice better waste management.

Those little wastebaskets at every single desk may seem like a nice office convenience, but they are likely keeping employees from recycling as much as they should. Having a central waste disposal area or including recycling bins next to every trash can encourages employees to dispose of their waste properly. For businesses truly committed to going green, many towns and cities also have office composting programs available for a fee. 

  1. Encourage bike commuting and public transportation use.

In the United States, transportation is the single largest emitter of carbon dioxide. A large chunk of transportation in the country occurs when people move to and from work. Encourage employees to use low-emissions transportation by holding bike-to-work days or providing discounted passes for public transportation.

  1. Go paperless.

Even in today’s digital world, offices tend to rely heavily on printed documents and paper. To reduce paper waste, allow electronic signatures on documents and encourage employees to print out as few things as possible. Some offices may even choose to go entirely paperless by putting everything online.

  1. Use less electricity.

Electricity used for lights, computers, and heating and cooling equipment can make offices some of the most energy-inefficient buildings. To lower electricity use, encourage employees to switch off lights and electrical devices. Businesses can also install equipment to automatically power down machines and lights when they aren’t in use. Lowering electricity use doesn’t only help the environment, it can also lower electricity bills.

  1. Consider efficiency upgrades.

For companies that want to go the extra mile, there are many options for improving the energy efficiency of a building. These include installing solar panels and energy-efficient appliances. While heavy equipment upgrades or undergoing a total remodel with an energy efficiency performance contract can make a difference in energy efficiency, these improvements can be a large undertaking for the average business or for a business that’s renting office space. But in these cases, there is another option.

With D.I. Pathways’ monthly utilization model, businesses can install energy-efficient upgrades for a low monthly fee. You won’t need to buy the upgrades outright, and if the equipment doesn’t perform as expected or if your company moves buildings, it can be taken out hassle-free and at no expense.

To learn more about how D.I. Pathways can help your office go green, contact us for an assessment today.

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