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2019 OPMA Summit Recap: Energy Savings as a Competitive Edge

Barron Solomon recently represented D.I. Pathways as a panelist at the OPMA Spring 2019 Executive Summit held in Park City, Utah. This bi-annual event is held by the Onsite Property Management Association (OPMA) that describes itself as the “collective voice and meaningful advocate for the condominium hotel industry.” 

Barron spoke as a panelist and subject matter expert on Data & Energy Management. While participating in this event, Barron noticed one particular point of concern—how property managers overcome challenges posed by the growth of Airbnb. 

The Opportunity

Airbnb continues to be a popular option, as consumers are drawn to the at-home feel and cost-effective choices. While other property managers can offer similar features and work on similar business models, they must also find an edge to remain competitive, while also creating sustainable growth.

New companies like Stay Alfred and Sonder have designed similar digital concepts, providing short-term rental spaces. With these similar concepts on the rise, the obvious question now is, How do they compete with giants like Airbnb? 

The Solution

To help property managers coexist with Airbnb and its growth, D.I. Pathways offers a new perspective on energy consumption savings. Barron shared D.I. Pathways’ business model with the summit’s attendees, informing them of an edge that is often overlooked: energy savings.

With easy-to-install phase change material, month-to-month financing, and product guarantee insurance, D.I. Pathways has made energy upgrades extremely accessible and cost-effective. Upgrading energy solutions can save property management companies over 25% on their energy expenses. 

We provide a way for property managers and owners to:

  • Reduce their HVAC costs
  • Level out temperature control and comfort in their units
  • Have a clear picture of how their units are using energy from month to month
  • Provide these services with no upfront costs and no long-term contracts

We give property management companies the tools they need to monitor and adjust how their units are spending money on energy consumption. Though energy is a necessary expense, D.I. Pathways can make that expense a lower, fixed rate. 

Property managers and owners are looking for an edge their competitors won’t consider. Energy is most often overlooked as a competitive tool, but the possibilities are there. These companies will not only lower their costs but make their spaces more comfortable. As a bonus, they can advertise that they make efforts to reduce their environmental impact. 

D.I. Pathways’ Commitment

D.I. Pathways is committed to helping property managers and their networks. The OPMA Summit puts companies like us in a position to learn more about the challenges they face. We are dedicated to understanding those challenges and offering solutions and new opportunities. When we have such clear insight, our programs can be better curated to companies’ needs. 

If you are a property manager or owner looking to take control over your energy spending, contact D.I. Pathways for a consultation. Our experts are available to analyze your building structure and energy consumption to calculate how much you can save.

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