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Our product upgrades are good for your bottom line and the planet, too.

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Finding the right products & solutions for you

At D.I. Pathways, we’re proud to partner with manufacturers who take energy savings as seriously as we do to provide you with the most innovative, reliable, and sustainable energy-efficiency products out there.

D.I. Pathways’ approach is to find the products with the smallest footprint that can make the biggest difference to your operation. We’re not selling expensive control systems or products that require a whole team of people to maintain.

We focus on programs that have no capital outlay and provide a quick impact increasing NOI. D.I. Pathways takes on the financial risk in reducing operating costs by owning all of the proposed equipment and making utilization for our clients simple through a mont to month service agreement and introductory contract terms.

  • No upfront costs
  • Improves operational efficiency while fitting into operational budget
  • Generates hidden cash flow to direct toward other energy initiatives
  • Improves LEED certification
  • Improves life of HVAC equipment by reducing load intensity

When you sign up for our technology subscription model, D.I. Pathways fully manages the installation, monitoring, and maintenance of our products. That’s a major operations task off of your plate.


Sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing on performance. Our holistic approach to energy-efficiency considers the benefits of less energy consumption every month, along with natural, non-toxic materials for your facility. We’re committed to sourcing the best products out there also happen to be made of natural, non-fossil-fuel-based products. Our product upgrades are good for your bottom line and the planet, too.

Depending on the specific demands of your operation, we’ll find the solution that makes the most sense with products like…


Thermatile™ is a revolutionary rigid panel that is injected with the highest capacity phase change material available. It works like InfiniteR, but allows for a variety of additional installation options.

It can be used to replace existing ceiling tiles, sit above ceilings or even be attached to walls.

Installing Thermatile™ is as easy as switching out a lightbulb, which makes installation quick and provides immediate benefits while minimizing any disruption to a building’s day-to-day occupants.

Infinite R™

Infinite R™ is a phase change building material that stores energy when you don’t need it, releasing it when you do.

It works the same as ice inside a cooler, slowly melting or thawing to maintain a target temperature, using the process of phase change. It drastically increases the resiliency of buildings and communities, slashes energy costs by as much as half, and increases the capacity for a more comfortable world.

Infinite R’s™ easy-to-install design makes it ideal for upgrading any facility. The pads easily unroll to fit above suspended ceilings, under roof decks, and commercial roofs.

Infinite R™ is made using mineral-based raw materials, such as salts, clay, and water. It’s non-toxic, made from naturally occurring raw materials, requires no fossil fuel energy to grow or generate, and—best of all—is Class A Plenum Fire rated, without the need for any flame retardants. And, it’s proudly made in the United States of America.


Our upgrades are covered by product guarantee insurance.

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Our financing plan puts guaranteed energy savings into reach.

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Unexpected changes in your energy consumption don’t have to mean an unexpected jump in your monthly rate. Let’s say a heat wave hits, and suddenly your facility is working overtime to stay at the right temperature. Or, maybe your energy consumption is less than you planned, and you aren't seeing the energy efficiencies needed to finance the upgrade. With other energy service companies, you’d be left on the hook paying the difference to keep your upgrades.

With D.I. Pathways, you’ll enjoy the same energy savings—no matter what. That's because all D.I. Pathways upgrades are covered by customized product guarantee insurance. If, for any reason, your monthly energy savings aren’t what they should be, our product insurance steps in to cover the difference, so you’re never left paying more than you planned.

Because we guarantee our results with product insurance, you will:

  • Get no-risk efficiency upgrades
  • Enjoy guaranteed energy savings every month
  • Know exactly what you’ll pay every month

Our product guarantee insurance comes bundled into your fixed cost every month when you sign up with D.I. Pathways—at no additional charge. You’ll never have to worry about missing out on the benefits of this guarantee or getting upcharged for it later.


D.I. Pathways was founded on the idea that energy efficiency should be hassle-free and affordable. The solution we came to is our trailblazing technology subscription model.

We all know that new technology carries the risk of the unknown. Will this work? Will this really provide the benefits it’s promising? With D.I. Pathways’ approach, you don't have to deal with these questions, because you are not purchasing the product. Our financing plan puts guaranteed energy savings into reach with regular, affordable, monthly payments.

Everyone is energy conscious these days, but paying for efficiency upgrades can be pricey. Buying energy-saving products outright is capital intensive. D.I. Pathways technology subscription model is a great way to keep energy efficiency costs off your balance sheet. This model lets you pay for upgrades at a fixed cost every month. It’s like the utility bill you’re already paying—but a lot less.

Another benefit of our financing model is that it’s month-to-month. A typical energy service company could lock you into a contract that lasts years, even if their product isn't providing the savings you want.

With D.I. Pathways, if, for some reason, our upgrades are not performing as promised, or if you decide our efficiency upgrades aren’t right for you, we’ll remove the product and end the program in as little as a 30-day notice. It’s that simple.

D.I. Pathways provides guaranteed results and fixed costs with no long-term contracts. Schedule an energy assessment today.