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For customers, the benefits of energy efficiency savings are obvious. Less money going to operating costs means more profit or the ability to invest in other parts of your business. But, the costs required to get these benefits—big upfront capital expenditures, debt—can make energy efficiency seem out of reach.

If you’re a product designer, D.I. Pathways is always looking for the next big thing in energy-efficiency solutions. If you have a durable product that can help our customers save money on energy costs, we want to hear about it.


Energy upgrades for your business.

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Product Designers


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Let D.I. Pathways show you another way. D.I. Pathways’ unique technology subscription model gets you all the benefits of energy efficiencies without big upfront costs or long-term contracts. D.I. Pathways solutions are scalable, so we will find a solution for anything your business needs. A free energy assessment from one of our representatives will give you the power to find the most effective energy-saving solutions for your company.

Other ESCOs make their money by upselling you a more complicated system than you need. You can expect expensive equipment, additional staff, and contracts that last for years. You’ll receive all that, and yet there’s no guarantee that you’ll see the energy savings promised.

D.I. Pathways is different. Our technology subscription model is the easiest, most cost-effective way to get the best energy upgrades for your business. For a fixed cost every month, D.I. Pathways will install, manage, and maintain all upgrades to your facility. With D.I. Pathways, you never buy the product, so we assume all the risk when it comes to purchasing. And, all D.I. Pathways upgrades are backed up by our program-specific product guarantee insurance, so there’s never any doubt how much you’ll pay.

D.I. Pathways is committed to putting our customers’ interests first. We’re so confident that our upgrades will make a meaningful reduction in your monthly operating costs that we don’t require you to sign any contract for longer than 30 days. We know our upgrades need to perform for you every month. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the upgrade, D.I. Pathways will uninstall the products, and you can terminate the agreement in as little as 30 days.

Off balance sheet upgrades with no long-term commitment: That’s the D.I. Pathways way to guaranteed energy savings.

Schedule your freebuilding assessment today to see how much D.I. Pathways can save you every month.

Product Designers

Bringing a product to market is difficult, especially in the energy-savings industry. Procurement processes are often heavily regulated. Product costs are high. And, it’s difficult to reach the volumes needed to break even if you don’t have enough buyers lined up.

That’s where D.I. Pathways comes in. We’ll take your energy-efficient product to market through our monthly utilization agreement. By offering your product at a fixed cost with a guaranteed return on investment, customers will purchase your product more quickly.

Thanks to D.I. Pathways’ wide client base, we can place your product with the right clients. Market exposure through our program will build your brand recognition, expand your existing client base, and make it easier than ever for clients to experience the benefits your products.

Talk to a D.I. Pathways sales representative today to see how we can work together.